Sell your property


Y ou’re considering or have decided to put your property on the market.You’re asking yourself a couple of relevant questions, such as…

  • How much is my property worth? And what can I realistically expect to obtain?
  • How will I find a buyer?
  • How much time can it take?

Finding a suitable buyer is an expensive and complex process that can take a long time. Just the estimate of the selling price can be a decisive step for the sales process. Many homeowners do not want to take any risk, which is why more than half of them mandate a real estate agent.

Unless you’ve some experience in real estate transactions, time and focus, the challenges you’re facing in selling your property may be somehow painstakingly.

So, why not entrust a professional with this project?

Pierres de Gascogne Pierres de Gascogne can provide you with all the advice and assistance, hereby guaranteeing a swift managing of the sales process.

This entails, but is not limited to …

  • Valuation of your property and pricing strategy
  • Assess all mandatory obligations, i.e. technical audit(s)…
  • Drafting of a enticing, albeit honest description of your property
  • Producing high quality real estate photographs (and videos)
  • Effective and targetted promotion across various go-to-market channels
  • Identifying and qualifying relevant leads for which your property may be a good fit
  • Conducting informative (explanatory) viewings
  • Provide regular feedback and updates on the development status
  • Negotiate a mutually satisfactory deal
  • Draft an initial sales agreement directly or with the support of a notary
  • Follow up until the signing of the final deed and hand-over

By partnering with Pierres de Gascogne you will enjoy the relief of a burdensome, and sometimes emotionally loaded task, based on the foundation of a trusted relationship.

Without any commitment, we’ll be happy to discuss with your more indepth the eventual sale of your property.Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial contact.

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